The Board of Directors of the Central Council of Oriental Christians in Germany e.V. includes:

It is elected for a period of two years by the General Assembly. Full members who are members at least three months before the General Assembly is convened can run for election.

The executive committee was extended by co-opted members.


Currently, the Executive Board is represented as follows


Georgs, Gabriel


Syrian Orthodox Church


Hofmann, Daniela

Vice Chairman

Roman Catholic Church


Yigit, Ibrahim


Syrian Orthodox Church


Stockhaus, Peter


Protestant Church


Araz, Kenan

Member of the Board

Syrian Orthodox Church


Tekbas, Ferit

Coopted Member of the Board

Rum-Orthodox Church


Marazidis, Christos

Coopted Member of the Board

Greek Orthodox Church


Gerges, Christian

Coopted Member of the Board

Coptic Orthodox Church