The Advisory Board of the Central Council of Oriental Christians in Germany has a maximum of 15 members. Its members are appointed by the Board of Directors for a period of two years at the suggestion of the Board of Directors or the Advisory Board. A multiple nomination is possible. The Advisory Board has the task of advising the Board of Directors.

Currently, the Advisory Board is set up as follows:



Schirrmacher, Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas

Chairman of the Advisory Board, Deputy Dialogue Representative of the Advisory Board for political institutions

President of the International Council of the International Society for Human Rights, Director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom, Deputy General Secretary of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and Chairman of the Theological Commission of the WEA


Klein, Volkmar

Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board

Delegate for Siegen-Wittgenstein, Member of the Bundestag since 2009


Gees, Dr. h.c. Berthold

Dialogue representative of the ZOCD Advisory Board for political institutions

Former adviser of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, responsible for scholarships for foreign students


Schirrmacher, Prof. Dr. Christine

Vice Representative for Dialogue of the ZOCD Advisory Board for political institutions

Professor of Islamic Studies in Bonn and Leuven, member of the Board of Trustees of the German Institute for Human Rights on behalf of the Human Rights Committee of the German Bundestag


Baumgarten, Hilmar

Lawyer and journalist

Daniel Thaer Institute for Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences at Humboldt University in Berlin

Buck, Katja Dorothea M.A.

Journalist for religion and politics

Gazer, Prof.Dr. Hacik Rafi

Professor of History and Theology of the Christian East at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Gloël, Hans-Martin

Consistory, Consultant for Ecumenism and World Responsibility of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria


Jäckel, Andreas

Sparkasse business economist, Member of the Bavarian State Parliament



Köger, Michaela

Pastor of the Protestant Church in Württemberg, expert for Egypt


Langpape, Dr. Wolfram

Protestant Church in Germany (EKD),

Department of Orthodoxy, General Ecumenism and Scholarships


Müller, David

Political advisor, ojcos foundation

Proponent in German politics, Church and media for Christians, Yazidis and religious minorities in Iraq.



Näder, Stephan

German Catholics Forum



Stachowitz, Diana MdL

Vice-Chairwoman of the Forum Church and SPD, honorary judge/youth juror, Chairwoman of the Foundation Advisory Board of the Foundation Word and Deed of the Evangelical Lutheran Deanery District of Munich


Talay, Prof. Shabo

Orientalist and Semitist, currently university professor at Freie Universität Berlin




Coopted Advisory Board members



Granold, Ute

Chairwoman of the working group "Persecuted Christians" in the CDU's Federal Expert Committee for Foreign, Security, Development Aid and Human Rights Policy in Berlin; Curator at the German Institute for Human Rights (sent by the German Bundestag), founder of the Stephanus Circle in the CDU/CSU parliamentary group



Krökel, Thilo

Entrepreneur of several businesses, owner of a consulting firm, member of several supervisory bodies in the German economy and honorary judge

von Segnitz, Gottfried

Pastor and Chairman of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen Munich