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Author: Simon Jacob

Place: Germany - Israel/Palestine

Format: Appeal

Topic: Politics, Society

Date: 30.11.2023


Text duration: 2 minutes

Language: English


"Hate must give way..."




Hate must give way... Common ground is the path to unity and peace


The Middle East conflict affects many people. Jews, Muslims, Christians and even people with no religious affiliation. Many often no longer know how to deal with the daily images in the media and the many tragedies. Israel has been attacked. Hamas, a terrorist organization, has committed unspeakable crimes against innocent people, provoking a conflict that has cost the lives of even more people, including many innocent Palestinians and Israelis. The aim of extremist Islamist organizations is to spread hatred and terror. This is the only way they can exist. Those behind the heinous attack on Israel on October 7, 2023 knew the reaction of those mourning their loved ones. Those who are driving the division of society also know that Israel's own population and children are suffering massively as a result of the backlash. They, Hamas and all those who are like them, consciously accept this because their intention is diabolical and aims to divide the world.

But we can all oppose it. The division, the mutual suffering, the hatred. The Jewish EJKA Academy, the Central Council of Oriental Christians in Germany and the Muslim peace activist Nihat Demir wanted to set an example. And that begins with the common ground that unites us. Values that we live by. Actions that we show.

That's why the participants filmed a trailer embedded in a spiritual and social atmosphere that enhances life, towards a common peace that we all strive for in a world without hate.



"Why we, the representatives of our organizations, are setting an example" 

A joint statement by Eva Haller, Nihat Demir and Simon Jacob

A free society should not be ruled by fear, but by the courage to believe in common values, to stand up for them and to defend them.

Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to dance freely, to sing freely, to express one's thoughts freely, to discuss, to question, to criticize are just some of the valuable attributes that make up a free society.

Anti-Semitism, exclusion, threats of violence due to a different faith, a different gender, a different sexual orientation or simply because of criticism of politics are not part of the liberal values of an open society that is appreciated by the majority. Nevertheless, we must be aware that we as a majority society must also defend our values every day.

When Hamas terrorists carried out a massacre of innocent people on October 7, 2023, people danced in the streets of Berlin and handed out sweets. They celebrated Hamas' heinous murders of children, parents and grandparents.

Among those murdered were many who had campaigned for peace and equality.

In response, Israel, a sovereign state, has exercised and continues to exercise its right to self-defense. With fatal consequences for Palestinian society, which Hamas uses as a shield and deliberately accepts the deaths of innocent children, young people and parents.

Triggered by the terrible images of war, anti-Semitism is on the rise again in Germany and Europe. Regardless of Israel's right to self-defense and its policies as a state, Jews in Germany are once again living in fear. They fear for their health, their lives, their existence. Yet we once said: "Never again".

This commitment is more than a guarantee against anti-Semitism. It is a commitment to the Western model of life, which terrorists like Hamas, but also autocrats, dictators and other extremists of this world despise. If we do not stand up against anti-Semitism now, we will not stand up for women's rights, religious freedom, freedom of expression, gender equality, free sexual expression and so on. With the result that we lose the life we love so much and extremists, like Hamas, hate so much.

We, Eva Haller, EJKA President and Jew, Simon Jacob, ZOCD Managing Director and Christian, and Nihat Demir, peace activist and Muslim, launched a media project in Munich a few days ago to set an example.

Because we are resilient, we are steadfast, and we should show it.

Especially when a minority tries to spread fear and terror, we should take a little time to put those who threaten and frighten other fellow citizens in their place.


Each and every one of us can set an example.


We, the representatives of our organization, want to, will and have set an example.

Eva Haller, Nihat Demir, Simon Jacob,

On behalf of our organizations


November 30, 2023